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Why Rhino?


Our ramps are built to the most stringent safety norms in the world; the EN-standards. Rhino is one of the experts grounding EN-safety norms (we are official member of the CEN/TC 136/WG working group in Europe).

All ramps have fully enclosed sides and backs

Skaters are not tempted to try to skate under the ramps where exposed structural members could cause injury. Prevents skaters from congregating under the ramps. Trash cannot collect under the ramps.

Rounded galvanised steel edge protections

Protects ramps and skaters.

Other safety issues

Grindrails have turned down ends to reduce injury due to impact. Safety clearances and component spacing conform to established safety norms.


Seam protections / transition protections

All vertical seams in the riding surface are covered with a hot galvanised steel seam protection, mounted flush with the surface. This unique solution creates a smoother riding surface and protects the inside edges of the surface.

Best composite skate surface

12 year warranty on the product specifications of Rhino Top. Low "Burn Factor". Waterproof. Stays cooler than steel. Cutting edge of skate technology (ESPN, X-games, etc.). Impact and gouge resistant (RHINO-top ®). Glasfiber reinforced substrate.

Tested in climate extremes

Finland/Sweden: snow, ice, bitter cold
England/Ireland/Scotland: rain, damp
Spain/Portugal: sun, sand, salt
Nevada: desert
Puerto Rico/Hong Kong: heat, humidity

Flat pack style of shipping and installation

Reduces shipping costs. Products can be easily disassembled and stored or relocated. Detailed installation instructions included for installation by your staff (supervised or complete installation available).


Quietest ramps available

Only RHINO ramps have been scientifically tested to a decibel rating below average office noise - 50 decibels. Reference - Sound study.

Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Technology

Guarantees a perfect fit every time - No on site modifications required - Reduces installation time - Every part comes pre-drilled and countersunk - Consistent quality - Exact replacement parts always available.

Big Fun for all Ages!

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