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Skate Ramps

Trix Ramps

Trix Ramps are a range targeting schools and recreation centers. The advantage of these ramps is that they are small and easy to take in overnight or transport. A number of combinations are possible with RHINO trix ramps. Moreover, the price is set at a very interesting level that suits both small/ large schools and recreation centers.

Trix Ramps are supplied in sets and each part can be disassembled and placed separately. The ride surface is hot dip galvanized steel, side panels are of composite materials.

Delivery is unassembled, but assembly is very simple using the supplied installation instructions. Note that for larger skate parks require our regular ramp range. Trix Ramps can not be compared with our other ramps and therefore fits best in school playgrounds, recreation centers, day care centers as examples.


With all our fun box elements we can create 1000’s of fun box combinations. From a very simple roll over to a super complex street block to grind, jump or ollie. Just use your imagination and we will implement it in your park!

All the transitions of our ramps are protected with a galvanised steel transition plate, mounted flush with the surface. With no gaps or sharp edges, our transitions skate smoother and safer than any of the competition.

Used for non-skateable edges, they give the ramps a quality finish.

All vertical seams in the riding surface are covered with a hot galvanised steel seam protection, mounted flush with the surface. This unique solution creates a smoother riding surface and protects the inside edges of the surface.

Grind Rails

RHINO builds rectangular, round, single tubed, double tubed, curved, kinked, long, short, whatever grind rail you can think of. They can be placed on the ground or on our fun boxes and flatbanks to maximise the fun factor!

The grindrails come in a number of different configurations. The ends of all of our grindrails are curved down to minimize the effect of an impact.

Grind rails can compliment any skate park configuration or plan. They provide a unique and challenging dimension which skaters are drawn to in hope of perfecting their skills.

Half Pipes

The sky really is the limit for the Half Pipe range! RHINO can build every possible combination between 1.1m and 4m. The width is your choice and there are 6 different heights - Half Pipes are big fun on a small location.

The quality of this specially developed riding surface is second to none. It’s the dream of every skater combined with a durability comparable to steel.

Hot galvanised 3 mm thick steel tube to grind on. The surface behind this coping is protected with a steel grindplate, BMX pegs can not damage the surface.

This surface has a perfect grip on the skate wheels, it’s very impact and gouge resistant, fire resistant, absorbs no water and doesn’t burn your skin when you slide on the ramps. This surface, together with RHINOs unique subconstruction, gives the ramps the professional feeling the skaters are looking for. Under the riding surface you can find a glassfibre reinforced PP-underlay, to reduce the noise as much as possible.

Launch Ramps

The launch ramps provide users a unique thrill and can be customised to suit beginners through to expert riders.

RHINO offer quarters, flat banks, hips, hipped quarters, kickers, roll ins, bowl quarters in many heights and endless combinations to create the perfect speed and flow in a skate park.

Heavy duty, hot galvanised steel safety rails are built to stand the test of time. Vertical solid bars contain wayward flying skateboards and (unlike horizontal pickets) they are very difficult to climb.

Hot galvanised steel toeplates are the smoothest on the market. The approach angles are smaller than any of the competition making transitions and mounting an absolute pleasure to ride on.

All inclined outside edges are protected by rounded (5 mm (1/4”)) galvanised steel profiles mounted flush with the skate surface.

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