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Years RHINO has been producing world class skate parks.
RHINO skate parks world wide.
Years warranty on RHINOTOP composite skate surface.
Countries where you can find RHINO skate parks.
Sun panels avoid 130.000kg CO2 per annum.
All RHINO components are 100% recyclable and produced with 100% green energy.
Produced according EN safetystandards.
Worlds quitest ramps. Scientifically tested to a decibel rating below average office noise 50 db.
Rhino is a member of the CEN/TC 136/WG 12 (European Committee for standardisation) and serves as an expert advisor developing new EN safety norms for skate parks.
Rhino is a member of SPAUSA (Skate park Association of the USA) and was the recipient of its Innovative Product Award.

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